Is Jonathan Bennett Gay? How True Are Rumors? Unleashing The Latest In Entertainment

Killed by Bianca in self-defense, he fathered Miranda Montgomery in an act of rape and was the brother of Zach, uncle of Ethan and the son of Alexander Cambias, Sr. and Amelia. Mother of Zach (born Alexander Jr.) and Michael and married to Alexander Sr., she had an affair with Raymond Jerkins and was pushed from a balcony to her demise by her husband. Father of Zach (born Alexander Jr.) and Michael and married to Amelia, he faked his death. After terrorizing Pine Valley because the Satin Slayer killer, he’s in jail. Paternal half-sister of Lily Montgomery, she was engaged to Jonathan Lavery and leaves Pine Valley to move to California in pursuit of her dream of performing and modeling.

She got here to town to search out Erica, had a brief marriage to Anton Lang and left town with Del Henry. Returned to town and had romances with Ryan Lavery, Michael Cambias, Ethan Cambias, Aidan Devane and Griffin Castillo. She is the mother of Spike (with Ryan) and Ian (with Zach). She is a heart transplant patient, who obtained, her late brother, Josh’s heart. Liza’s mother, who had an affair with Tad Martin while he was dating Liza and he or she was married to Larry Colby. She was launched from jail for the 1985 murder of Zach Grayson in less than a 12 months, persevering with her profession as a real-estate dealer and helping set Tad up in business.

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Hollywood film director and father of Erica and Silver Kane and Mark Dalton, he left Pine Valley when Erica was young. After faking his death in a automobile accident and dealing as a circus clown, he died of most cancers in Las Vegas in 2004. He was suffocated with quick-drying cement by Corinth serial killer Gwyneth Alden. Jesse and Angie’s son, the paternal half-brother of Natalia, adopted brother of Cassandra Foster, father of William (with Mia) and husband of Randi.

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Palmer’s daughter with Daisy, whom he had advised Nina was lifeless. Married to Dr. Cliff Warner, she is the adoptive mom of Bobby Warner and the biological mother of Michael Warner. Formerly married to Matthew Connolly, and as soon as in love with Benjamin Sago.

Aaron Samuels was the biggest heartthrob in Mean Girls, however the place is the actor, Jonathan Bennett now? What a silly “rule.” I recall a colleague at work getting engaged and her gaggle of girlfriends telling everyone that they should not say, “Congratulations.” I love that she has at all times been gay pleasant, and never solely with A-list gays.

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He briefly dated Erica and revealed a past with Leo’s mom, Vanessa Bennett Cortlandt (who Roger did not know was his boss, Proteus). Admitting that she was a lesbian in 2000, she lived in Paris with Miranda and partner Maggie Stone. After shifting back to Pine Valley within the fall of 2006, she returned to Paris in April 2007 with Miranda. In 2008 she had a second daughter (fathered by Zack Slater) along with her partner, Reese Williams.